• Name: Mehreen Syed
  • Date of birth: 02 Aug 1984
  • Nationality: Pakistani
  • Occupation: Model, Actress, Entrepreneur
  • Height: 5 feet 10.5 inch (1.79m)
  • Email: i@mehreensyed.pk


Mehreen Syed, a Distinguished ‘Super Model’ in Pakistani Fashion Fraternity is in-fact a ‘Success Story’ worth Sharing. Hailing from a Conservative Syed family, Mehreen Syed is sister to four other siblings, three sisters and one brother. Mehreen was only 03 years of age when her father passed away. Her mother, an Advocate of Law, raised the family as a single parent after her husband’s demise. Mehreen stepped up and Initiated at a fairly young age and has been on a ‘trail of triumph’ ever since… her first job was of an ‘Air Hostess’ in PIA. Mehreen Ventured into the Fashion industry in the year 2003 with a shoot by ‘Ather&Shahzad’ the Pioneers of Fashion Photography in Pakistan. She was Crowned as Miss. Pakistan in 2004. Mehreen has struggled relentlessly and dominated the covers and shoots for the local magazines amid great names and faces back then, that dominated the fashion circuit in Pakistan. Mehreen acted in a TV Serial ‘Paataal’ in 2004 directed by ‘Ayub Khawar’ a ‘top of the line’ Drama Director. Mehreen Participated in ‘Bridal Asia’ in 2005 – 06, a celebrated international event hosted in India that showcases top of the line fashion reflections from Asia. Mehreen was the first ever Pakistani model to appear on the cover of Middle East fashion magazine Alamra.  Mehreen has graced the Covers of International fashion publications including Time, Vogue and Marie Claire, adding Pakistan to the Global Fashion Scene and upholding the flag of ‘Progressive Women’ of Pakistan.

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